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 Woman My Lovely Woman (go to LBGTQ Page)

The Magic of Narrin (go to Girl Scouts 4Ever Page)

see LGBTQ relevant songs from first release “D.J. Adler – Here & Now” bottom of page

Songbyrd Cover

From the inside Cover:

SongByrd Tracks

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My music is all over the internet, and you can pay for singles or my Songbyrd album, but I won’t receive any royalties…”that’s the biz!” So I have decided to post links to all of my songs here on YouTube that can be downloaded for free. (You may need to download an app). In exchange, I would appreciate any donation you feel you would like to make for the music. All donations are appreciated! Enjoy! -Deb

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My First “Indie” Release…”D.J. Adler – Here & Now.” 12 original songs featuring me on all vocals & instruments. See below for some of the individual cuts not included on my “Songbyrd” CD.

DJ Adler Here & Now Front Cover
Casette Jacket

More of these songs will be released as individual YouTube videos. Stay tuned!

NOTE: ALL music on this page has been properly registered for Copyright protection with the Library of Congress. Contact the artist for details.

DJ Adler Here & Now Side Cover cropped
The original side flap on my “Indie Casette”

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