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Songbyrd Cover

NOTE: I will be posting the single titles from my “Songbyrd” CD here soon! Meanwhile, you can find these songs as well as the complete CD on iTunes and various other outlets. Just search “Deb Adler Songbyrd.”

From the inside Cover:

SongByrd Tracks

All 9 original songs on this CD will soon be available as YouTube Video links here. Donations will be welcome. For now, the complete CD as well as individual cuts can be purchased through Apple Music (search: Songbyrd by Deb Adler on Apple-dot-com), CDBaby-dot-com, as well as other popular music distribution sites.

DJ Adler Here & Now Front Cover

My First “Indie” Release

More of these songs will be released as individual YouTube videos. Stay tuned!


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DJ Adler Here & Now Side Cover cropped

The original side flap on my “Indie Casette”

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