Girl Scouts 4EVER

I spent several years as a camper at Resident Camp Narrin, in Ortonville Michigan, then of the Southern Oakland Girl Scout Council. At that time, sessions were 2 weeks long. Half way into my first time there I wrote home to my parents to ask if I could come back for the next 2 week session – which they worked out!

I felt at home there. Wooden platform tents, cooking over campfires, singing while we washed dished in the Dining Hall, hiking, swimming. I loved it all!

I participated in special units where we had a 3-day hiking trip, 2 canoe trips, and participated in the 2-year CIT (Counselor-in Training) program there. That was special because as Senior Scouts, we used the school year in between those two summers to have some joint activities and join up with the other group of CIT’s. I attended Camp Narrin from 1960 through 1968 and was on staff there from 1969 through 1972.

I wrote “The Magic of Narrin” in 1968 and then “Nodoma” (on the morning of our CIT graduation). I will soon be posting “Nodoma,” which was a tribute to the camp, all the staff who had guided us and a special ceremonial campfire site that we had built as our gift to the camp.

I also worked until 1979 as staff at Camp Whip-Poor-Will Hills in Morrow, Ohio. So many wonderful memories of good times and great staff and campers!

My adventures as a camper and counselor were inspired by those who were there to guide me. I give great appreciation to Edie Resnick, who took over my Scout troop right around the time I was ready to give up and through her vibrant love of life and faith in us, led us to discover our own gifts and strengths in many adventures and projects. When no one else believed it was possible, she helped us work for 3 years – planning and fundraising – to take a week-long trip to Washington, D.C. She was a dynamic leader and role model for us all. Much love!

I have recorded a few of our favorite Campfire Songs. Contact me if you are interested in receiving them.

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