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Deb Adler is a singer-songwriter, actor, writer, Spiritual Scientist, Interfaith Minister, lesbian feminist, LGBTQ activist, and entrepreneur.

“I Stand for Dignity and Respect for All Peoples, All Beings, All Creation. We are here to Heal the illusion of separation. We Are One.”

Update May 15, 2022
I remain true to my previous messages here. I also know that humankind is at a turning point and we have the capability, be it within a very small window, to make the difference and create the evolution we came here to birth. 
No, this is not about “woke culture” – it is about a far more universally impacting “awakening.”  The following message expresses this clearly. Please share.


Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor: 2022 as Seen by Elders and Peacekeepers

Video Courtesy of Lux Media
Andre Pitre, Producer

Pa’Ris’Ha has been my Mentor and Elder for over 30 years. Her message has never been more critical for us to embrace. We are all unique, we are all here to be part of the solution. We all count! Know that you matter, you are loved!



In These Challenging Times – February 7, 2021 Update 

So here we are, almost a year later from my last “update.” I come to share with you my continued knowing that all is on time and on course. To those who may think that seems beyond “optimistic” stay with me to the end and then make up your mind, or not….

There are Indigenous Prophecies which have predicted various cycles of our human evolution – always revealing the possibilities of “divergent” roads, so to speak – what happens if humankind evolves in this manner, what happens if it evolves in that manner.

Those Prophecies include not just the evolution of our planet Earth, but account for changes and developments occurring across the galaxy and indeed throughout the Universe. We are not alone. We are a cell on the body of the All That Is.

We as Humankind have a choice. Some say the choice has already been made but there are those who know that it only takes a dedicated few to “turn the tide” and there are many around the globe who have in fact dedicated themselves to the peaceful evolution of the planet and her inhabitants. They have committed to taking a stand for a higher consciousness.

Appearances are deceiving right now. In many ways we are being subjected to subtle influences through technology being used in ways it was never intended. Be aware. Look beyond the obvious. Make decisions based on REAL facts, not what we are being fed by mass media. Know that freedom of speech may come with a price in these times, so be careful. Take CARE in what you say and how you say it. But above all, know in your heart what you stand for, and stay steadfast.

We got this.

Deb Adler

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April 11, 2020 UPDATE

We are in the midst of a “new normal” as social distancing and sheltering in place has become a mandate nationally and globally, in order to try to contain the spread of Covid-19.  While many people are dying  right now, there is a lot of life that is going on all around us.

Tragically, it seems that is has taken this kind of global “tragedy” to elevate consciousness in the human family, but we are seeing the best of people come to the surface. People watching out for each other, people singing in unison from their balconies, people applauding health care workers as they go to work, people making masks to help protect others from the spread of the disease.  

Furthermore, there is the benefit to our beloved Earth Mother, as sheltering in place has led to reduced pollution and satellite photos of the most congested cities reveal clearing skies. The planet  and her natural inhabitants as getting a “breather” – Literally! 

All is Good. 

We will come out of this. The global population may end up greatly reduced, but the human family will endure and rise to a “new normal.”  

What can we do during this time? Embrace appreciation for all that we have, for each other. Demonstrate compassion and kindness to others. Stay firm in our Priniciples and above all else, know that we are One.  #we’reinthistogether, #togetherathome


It’s 2019 and, as always, a great deal has taken place in our country and around the world. There is a great deal of insanity out there, polarization and other illusions of  separateness and “these are the worst of times.”

Take heart. Stay strong. Stay focused. Never underestimate the power and capabilities of a group of individuals united in a single focused intent. Even if you think you are alone, when you take a moment for mindful contemplation, think of reaching out and connecting to those who share your hunger for a better way, for a peaceful world.

Today more than ever, our focus needs to be Dignity and Respect for All.

We are One. Separation is the illusion. Everything is Energy, and as such is malleable and open to influence by our thoughts and words. We are who we have been waiting for. Be the change you wish to see in the world. It is far easier to change oneself than to try to change others. Show them a better, saner way and they will follow.

In a controlled scientific experiment, when a single orderly strand of DNA was introduced into a collection of random, disorderly DNA, the chaotic disorderly DNA began to take on the pattern of the orderly strand of DNA. Never doubt the influence of the one on the many.

There are several projects which I look forward to initiating this year: As I write this I am embarking on several new projects: a second publishing of my latest book “Know Change Know Gain” to be available as hard copy in addition to the pdf version, a 2-CD set “Homegrown” with never-before released cuts of original songs from studio and private settings, a fully orchestrated studio production of “Because You Believe,” new “yet-to-be-written songs of the heart,” and the debut of a Queer Dignity YouTube channel, among others.

Links to the site where you can learn more will appear here in the next few days. Stay tuned!

I appreciate all who have supported me in my music and entrepreneurial endeavors over the years. It’s time to take things to the next level. Wishing you all Health, Wealth and Happiness, as only you can define that for yourself.


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